Three Sumatran Tigers Found Dead On The Border Of Protected Forest In Aceh

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TheTapaktuanPost | South Aceh. The Aceh Natural Resources Conservation Agency stated that three Sumatran tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrae) were found dead in a forest area in Meukek District, South Aceh Regency.

Head of the Aceh BKSDA Agus Arianto said the three tigers were found dead in a state of snares. However, the cause of death has not been determined.

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“The cause of death has yet to be ascertained because it has to go through a necropsy. The BKSDA animal media team is already at the location where the dead tiger was found,” said Agus Arianto in Banda Aceh, Wednesday, August 25.

Previously, said Agus Arianto, his party received reports from the public that there were tigers caught in snares. Then, BKSDA Aceh deployed a team to the location of the tiger that was found caught in a snare.

When the team arrived at the location, said Agus Arianto, the three protected animals were found dead. Of the three tigers, one individual was identified as a parent.

“While the other two individuals have not been identified, their age and gender. We are also still waiting for reports from the team in the field,” said Agus Arianto.

Regarding the location of the discovery of the three dead tigers caught in the snares, Agus Arianto also could not confirm. From the interim report received, the location of the three dead tigers is on the border with a protected forest area.

“The three Sumatran tigers are suspected to have been snared some time ago. Likewise, the type of snares are still being identified. We are still waiting for complete information from the team in the field,” said Agus Arianto. (

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